Getting Started

From understanding Burstcoin security to selecting a wallet, the Getting Started guide provides the information needed to succeed with Burstcoin.


A great deal of technical knowledge is not required to use the Burstcoin network’s collection of open source software.  The definitive collection, including wallet software, is located in the Burstcoin Software Library.


For more information on any of the topics listed below, or technical documents, visit the Burstcoin Documentation Project.  Here you will find everything there is to know about Burstcoin.  You can even contribute new documentation to the project, or recommend improvements.


To activate a new wallet for Burstcoin mining or to receive a transfer from the Bittrex exchange, visit the Burstcoin Community Faucet.


To assist with supporting new users of Burstcoin, this section contains Frequently Asked Questions.  You can help curate this section by visiting the documentation project section.


Burstcoin community faucet (undergoing maintainance) please visit online services.  

This faucet is a service to provide the initial transaction fee necessary to activate a new account’s public key on the Burstcoin blockchain.  This is useful for meeting the unique requirements of Bittrex when making a transfer off of the exchange (transfer can only be made to accounts with an activated public key).  It can also be used to secure the transaction fee needed for setting the reward recipient for a new mining account.

Please note:  This faucet has a significant delay and can only be used once.  The transaction fee requested should arrive by the time your plot files are completed or within 24 hours.  In the case of needing to make a time sensitive transfer from Bittrex, please visit the official discord channel and request assistance.  Requests for the amount necessary to cover an initial transaction fee are usual and welcomed.

Requests made through this service are processed once each day. Please allow up to 24 hours for the processing of your request to complete.  Requests from accounts that have a positive balance at the time of processing will be cancelled automatically.  For faster service, and perhaps a more generous distribution, visit a faucet listed in online services 


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