About Burstcoin

From understanding Burstcoin security to selecting a wallet, the Getting Started guide provides the information needed to succeed with Burstcoin.


From its creation by an unknown developer thru today, Burstcoin has had an eventful history.  Here you can read about the history of Burstcoin.


With recent accomplishments, current activities, near-term and long-term goals, the Burstcoin Roadmap is the high level planning document guiding Burstcoin development.


Burstcoin is a code fork of NXT, which is a fork of Bitcoin.  There are several constituent white papers .  The official whitepaper of Burstcoin is the Burst Dymaxion.


Burstcoin development is community based.  Leadership is provided by several organizations formed to  address specific areas of development.

Burstcoin white paper, incorporating the best from several predecessors

As a coin resulting from several forks of successive forks of Bitcoin, Burstcoin retains many traits inherited from preceding coins.  As you may know from reading the history of Burstcoin, Burstcoin is a code fork based on an extensive modification of NXT, which itself is a fork of Bitcoin.  As such, there are several relevant white papers. 

The most recent and most exclusively Burstcoin is the ‘The Burst Dymaxion’, a white paper outlining the future of Burstcoin.  It describes the implementation of a layer on top of the Burstcoin blockchain which will be capable of sustaining the total global load of non-cash transactions.

Second is the the NXT community white paper:  With the NXT fork from NXT, Burstcoin removed proof-of-stake completely and replaced it with proof-of-capacity.  A concept similar to proof-of-capacity is referred to as proof-of-space (of which there are no active coins).  The proof of space white paper by Dziembowski, Faust, Kolmogorov and Pietrzak is nevertheless relevant.  Based on this paper, a proof-of-space cryptocurrency called SpaceMint was proposed in a white paper by Sunoo Park, Kwon, Fuchsbauer, Pietrzak et al.  Both of these papers are only mentioned as a loose reference.  The SpaceMint paper specifically references Burstcoin.


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