Getting Started

From understanding Burstcoin security to selecting a wallet, the Getting Started guide provides the information needed to succeed with Burstcoin.


A great deal of technical knowledge is not required to use the Burstcoin network’s collection of open source software.  The definitive collection, including wallet software, is located in the Burstcoin Software Library.


For more information on any of the topics listed below, or technical documents, visit the Burstcoin Documentation Project.  Here you will find everything there is to know about Burstcoin.  You can even contribute new documentation to the project, or recommend improvements.


To activate a new wallet for Burstcoin mining or to receive a transfer from the Bittrex exchange, visit the Burstcoin Community Faucet list.


To assist with supporting new users of Burstcoin, this section contains Frequently Asked Questions. You can help curate this section by visiting the documentation project section.

Activate a Burstcoin wallet using the Burst API

This method for activating a Burstcoin wallet is an advanced technical method that is not useful for most users. It is documented here for technical user’s and developers only.  For the ordinary methods for activating a wallet, see:

To activate a Burstcoin wallet using the Burst API. no outgoing transaction is required.  Directly specify the recipient publicKey in the outgoing transaction on the account you are using.  (clarification needed).

Visit (type into browser, local host most be running) or

Fill the following fields: 

Recipient:  Type the numeric id of the recipient (the account you want to activate)

AmountNQT:  Type 100000000 (= 1 BURST)

SecretPhrase:  Type your passphrase

FeeNQT:  Type the fee your willing to pay (10000000 in this example, 0.1 BURST)

Deadline:  Type 24 (hours)

Broadcast:  True (broadcast the transaction to the rest of the network)

RecipientPublicKey:  Type the publicKey (lowercase) of the recipient (the account you want to activate). This information is available using the getAccountId API call. type the passphrase of the account you want to activate.

If successful, you should have the following response :


Image showing fields for activating a Burstcoin account using the API


Image showing the API response when activating a Burstcoin account using the API

For more information, See The Burst API.