The Burstcoin marketplace

This feature provides a protocol for decentralized, peer-to-peer stores for any kind of digital goods. 

The future of peer-to-peer business

The Burstcoin marketplace feature allows you to list items for sale and make sales on the blockchain. You do not need to rely on external market sites taking commissions to conduct your business. Instead, transactions are done between seller and buyer directly.

Anyone can list anything on the marketplace in seconds. Buyers enter the seller’s account ID and can purchase any item with Burstcoin. There are no intermediaries, no fees, and no delays.

The Burstcoin Marketplace provides a protocol for decentralized, peer-to-peer stores for any kind of digital goods like software, music or video. You browse the seller’s products, place an order, and the seller will send you information on how to download the good.

Image showing the Marketplace menu in the Burstcoin wallet

Wallet interface

With the server running, access the local Burst wallet by visiting http://localhost:8125/. On the sidebar, you find the menus ‘Marketplace’ and ‘My Store’:



Search Marketplace: Enter the seller’s address to see his products.
Purchased Products: This page will list all your previously purchased products.
My Products For Sale: Lists the items you are selling in the marketplace, and gives you the ability to update your offers.
My Pending Orders: Here you will see pending orders from users who want to buy a product.
My Completed Orders: Shows all finished orders feedback from your customer.
List Product For Sale: Here you add a new digital good in the marketplace.

How To

Open your Burstcoin client (wallet) and select ‘Marketplace’ to buy or ‘My Store’ to sell.

Buying products

Here is a short description with the most essential info on how to buy on Burst marketplace:

  • Click the menu ‘Marketplace’ and then ‘Search Marketplace’.
  • Enter the sellers Burstcoin address to see the list of his goods.
  • Click the name of a product to open the purchase dialog. Enter ‘Quantity’ and ‘Delivery Deadline’ in hours. This defines how long you are willing to wait for the seller to deliver before the transaction is canceled. Double check the data, enter your ‘Passphrase’ and hit the button ‘Purchase’.
  • The order has now been placed in your ‘Purchased Products’ menu. Here you can see the order status: After network confirmation (block generating) it will change from ‘Tentative’ to ‘Pending’.
  • When the seller has delivered the product, the status will change to ‘Complete’.
  • Click the name to open the dialog ‘Marketplace Delivery’. Enter your passphrase to decypt the seller’s message. Here you will find the information on how you can receive your digital good.
  • You now have the option of leaving feedback to the seller.

Selling products

You can list your digital goods on the marketplace:

  • Open your Burstcoin client (wallet) and select ‘My Store’.
  • Click the button ‘List Product For Sale’ on the top right-hand corner.
  • Describe your product.
    Name: The name of the product.
    Description: More details about the product, maybe add a link to a website where you present the product in full detail.
    Tags (optional): Enter up to three tags separated by commas.
    Price: The product price in Burstcoin per unit.
    Quantity: The number of goods you have in stock. This will decrease every time a buyer buys from you.
    Passphrase: Your wallet passphrase is needed to list the product.
  • Confirm the offer by clicking on ‘Put For Sale’. It is listed in italics on the ‘My Products For Sale’ page.
  • After the Burstcoin network has included your product in a block (usually after a few minutes), it will be listed in normal font as a link.
  • When someone has placed an order to buy a good from you, it will show up in the ‘My Pending Orders’ menu. Go here and press the ‘Deliver Goods’ button.
  • In the pop-up window, enter your passphrase to decrypt the message from the buyer. You can check the option ‘Remember passphrase for decryption’ for future sales.
  • Enter details on how the buyer can download your digital good in the ‘Data’ field. Optional you can give a ‘Discount’ to the buyer.
  • Enter your ‘Passphrase’ and hit the ‘Deliver Purchase’ button to finalize the purchase.
  • You can find the completed order in the ‘My Completed Orders’ menu. For details click on the product name. Here you can see if the buyer has sent any feedback.  This section is also where you could issue a refund.

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