Engraver – How to compile from source

Credits:  Sphinxicus


Engraver is the reference Burstcoin (or Burst) cross-platform plotting software created to further improve and optimize Burst plot file creation.


The following steps are to install Engraver 2.2.0 by compiling from source on a fresh installation of Debian Linux version 9 “Stretch”. Please be sure to check Git Repository for the latest release before proceeding.


Note: Commands to be entered into the shell will be formatted in bold text, e.g.:


example command outputs will not be bold, e.g.:


Wed 28 Nov 12:02:18 GMT 2018


Before you begin the installation, the following packages need to be installed:


  • curl
  • git
  • build-essential
Change to root user:


Enter root password


Install curl, git and build essential packages:


apt install curl git build-essential -y
Once the above packages have completed installation, its time to install Rust.



Installing Rust (stable)

To install Rust, run the following command:


curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh
You will be presented with three options (see below):


Current installation options:  default host triple: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu    default toolchain: stable modify PATH variable: yes1) Proceed with installation (default)2) Customize installation3) Cancel installation>
Chose option 1 to install


Once installation is complete, follow the instructions to configure your current terminal sessions’ environment variable so that you can run Rust related commands:


source $HOME/.cargo/env
To confirm the instalation of the correct channel of Rust, type the following:


rustc --version
This should give you the output below:


rustc 1.31.0 (abe02cefd 2018-12-04)


Obtaining the source files

To download the source files from the Git repository, run the following command, (please make sure to check the exact path to the latest version) :


git clone https://github.com/burst-apps-team/engraver
This will download and extract the files to the engraver sub directory (from where your present working directory is)



Compiling the source files

Navigate to the engraver directory:


cd engraver
build the application:


cargo build --release


Running Engraver

Once the above has completed, navigate to the executable:


cd /target/release
From here you can run engraver and begin plotting. Example command:


./engraver --n 1000 --id 12345678912345678912 --path /home/burst/Burst --sn 0
To understand the complete range of flags/options available for the engraver application, please read the Wiki page on GitHub.